What We Do

Learning how to market  your business online is tough if you don’t know what you are doing, what products you can trust that will perform as they say or where to start.  Here at Reviews.Today we take that into account every time we provide a review. We are that objective third-party.

We’ve been the brick-n-mortar business, the online business and have help thousands of entrepreneurs navigate the marketing web.  Our reviews are organized by product type and based on our at-a-glance review to provide our readers the information they need to make informed decisions based on their needs and not necessarily the product benefits. Rev|To does not offer product placement or accept payment for a review.

Our team reviews the products unbiasedly and gives the best advice we can with what is presented to us. Rev|To generates income off of the posted ads and affiliate links after our reviews have been published.

This is how it works

Review Topics

Market research, products and services needed to create a successful marketing strategy, following trends and tracking what’s working online to create opportunities.

The Review Test

When a product has been selected, we review it as you would.  Since we’ve been where you are, we hope to provide reviews in ways you the business owner can understand and work into your online strategies.  What we are looking for are solutions for our marketing opportunities as well as the product performing as the company suggests it does.

Stars, Pro’s and Cons

Possible scoring is 1-5 stars and is based on a product site review of benefits and features, along with functionality, etc. depending on the product.  From there we are able to suggest some of the awesome things we found on the site and some possible opportunities for future growth.  We have a few products that have made the Top Awards for product and/or service and those are highlighted with a Rev|To Badge.

Staying on Top of Changes

As we all know the web is dynamic and changes daily.  Here at Rev|To we have a schedule to continually update our reviews as soon as we find there have been changes from what we’ve originally shared. Reviews.Today was created to help entrepreneurs and business owners weed through the hours of research, trying products that don’t meet their needs, and to create a community to support their online marketing ventures.