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4 Free Tools for Analyzing Your Competitors

We have found 4 tools you can use to analyze your competitors for FREE!

Check them out and see what you can learn.




Similarweb is known to be one of the most efficient tools for competitive analysis. It allows you to analyze and compare online marketing strategy between you and your competitors. It allows you to identify opportunities and gaps for your own marketing campaign. This tool has both free and premium versions.

Some of the reports that you’ll find in the free version are:

  • All Visits – This report allows you to see your competitor’s estimated traffic in the last 6 months from all channels.
  • Engagement – This report provides time on site and bounce rate which can provide insight into the experience competitors are providing visitors.
  • Traffic Sources – This report allow you to measure where your competitors are getting their traffic.
  • Referring Sites – This report allows you to see what websites are referring the most traffic to your top competitors.
  • Organic Keywords – This report allows you to evaluate what keywords are sending the most organic search traffic.
  • Paid Keywords – This report allows you to evaluate what keywords are valuable enough that your competitors are willing to pay money to be seen for.
  • Social – This tool allows you to understand what social channels are driving the most traffic.

Google Advanced Search Operators



Using the advanced search operator is one way to utilize google search for organic competitive insight and analysis.

It basically allows you to see where your competitors are getting backlinks.

Simply type “link:” and the name of the domain that you’d like to investigate.




Another competitive analysis tool is SEMrush.

Although you have to purchase the full version of the tool in order to maximize its features, it has a free version that offers organic, advertising and backlinks reports for registered users that can provide actionable insight.

Here are a few of the free features:

  • Organic Keywords – This report allows you to see top organic keywords
  • Chart Tools – This tool can be used to evaluate the visibility of both paid and organic search strategies overtime.
  • Anchor Text – This tool shows you how often anchor text is found in inbound links pointing back to a website.

Google Alerts



Aside from setting up alerts for your brand name and target keywords, you might as well set-up alerts to monitor what your competitors are up to.

It’s pretty smart to use Google Alerts to gain knowledge about where your competitors are getting mentions and links. And of course it’s free….thanks Big G!

So what tools are you using to stay competitive with others in your niche? Love to hear about them.

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