Acorns allows you to invest spare change from everyday purchases into a diversified portfolio


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Acorns is the first company to offer micro investing to the world.

The proprietary financial engine allows customers to round up spare change from everyday purchases and invest these sub-dollar amounts into a professionally managed portfolio of index funds.

Simply connect any credit or debit card and a checking account, then spend money like you normally do to watch your portfolio grow with the market.

It’s easy to get started when you can invest any amount, any time with no commissions or minimums.


Acorns at a glance 

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Who is Product for?

Everyone looking for programs that offer micro investing around the world.


Key Features

  • Smart Portfolios
  • Simple Fees
  • Serious Security
  • Unlimited Deposits & Withdrawals



  • Able to deposit and withdraw whenever you want to without having to pay any fees.
  • Use bank-level security and data encryption to secure everything at the server level.


Starting at:

Download Acorns now for FREE! There are no fees until you decide to invest and you can withdraw your money at any time without penalty.

Simple Fees
Only $1/mo for accounts under $5,000 and just 0.25% per year for accounts $5,000 or more.

  • Free for anyone under 24 and students (with .edu address)!
  • Deposit & withdraw whenever you like – no additional fees.
  • No fees for accounts with a $0 balance.