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Emerging as one of the alternatives to Yahoo! Site Explorer after its shutdown on November 21, 2011; Ahrefs has taken site explorer and backlink analysis to a whole new level with their highly sophisticated toolset including Site Explorer and Backlink Checker, Crawl Report, Social Metrics, Batch Analysis and Domain Comparison.

Ahrefs has built their own crawler that indexes billions of pages daily.

Today, Ahrefs’s proprietary technology allows their index to update data every 15 minutes and to capture over 1.5 trillion unique external backlinks.

Core value lies in big data, Ahrefs’s goal is to provide both businesses and individuals with the most extensive and quickly updated databases of live backlinks available.

The team is rather small. Each and every member brings several talents into the team and carries out various professional duties to constantly improve their products and services.


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Who is Product for?

Product is for small businesses, mid-size business and entrepreneurs


Key Features

  • Site Explorer
    • Explore backlink data
    • Track new/lost backlinks
    • Find broken backlinks
  • Content Explorer
    • Find the most popular content
    • Filter by backlinks or shares
    • Search within any date range
  • Position Explorer
    • Find keywords they rank for
    • See which pages bring traffic
    • Uncover their PPC strategy
  • Position Tracker
    • Track your keyword rankings
    • Local rank & Mobile rank
    • See your ranking history
  • Crawl Report
    • Identify on-page SEO issues
    • Test page load speed
    • Fix broken pages



  • Every 24 hours we:
    • Crawl ~ 5 Billion web pages (that’s 60,000 per second)
    • Update our data on ~ 400 Billion backlinks
    • Re-calculate metrics for ~ 200 Million root domains
    • Update metrics for ~ 2 Trillion known URLs
  • For each page crawled they:
    • Calculate the quantity & quality of its backlinks
    • Pull data on the amount of social shares
    • Save its content to their full text search index
    • Identify technologies, that were used to build it
  • To keep the ball rolling they:
    • Run ~4000 CPU cores
    • Occupy ~10 PetaBytes of storage
    • Load ~50 TeraBytes of RAM
    • Use the combined brainpower of a dozen amazingly smart guys


Starting at

Ahrefs offers a 14 day free trial for Personal Lite and Standard Plans only.

Personal Plans:
Lite – After free trial $99/month
Standard – After free trial $179/month
Advanced – 399/month

Agencies Plans:
3 Users – $499/month
10 Users – $1299/month
25 Users – $2500/month


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