Altracker is specifically designed to help you to motivate students and monitor their progress

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The Applied Learning Tracker has been developed and refined over the last three years in collaboration with leading providers of applied learning.

The system offers a series of visual, colour-coded reports to help identify whether the students are on the course to meet targets, and which areas of the programme may be causing difficulties.

Predicted grades are calculated using assignments completed to date, and clear PDF reports can be produced to share with parents.

Furthermore, qualification specification details are embedded to ensure all the grading information teachers require is held in one place.


Who is Product for?

Altracker is intended for online teachers, professors and students.


Key Features

  • Engage and motivate students
  • Generates PDF or printed reports
  • Standardises tracking procedures
  • Improves student grades
  • Generates target and predicted grades
  • Real-time sharing of information
  • Simple to use



  • Proven to engage and motivate students by sharing colour-coded information live on screen (for
    example by highlighting missing assignments)
  • Automatically generates PDF or printed reports to share with parents
  • Standardises tracking procedures across departments and assists teachers’ organisation (for
    example, by providing grading criteria directly within the system)
  • Improves student grades by allowing you to focus on underperforming students or identify where
    quick wins are possible to boost grades
  • Automatically generates target and predicted grades based on assignments completed to date
  • Collaborative features allow secure real-time sharing of information between teachers or
    between a student’s home school and their place of study
  • Simple to use – can be picked up without training. Teachers can update tracking information
    through any web-enabled device during or after lessons, and changes are saved automatically


Starting at

If you are interested in purchasing a license for the Applied Learning Tracker or if you would like to find out more, please contact Steve Preston at [email protected] or on 07980 752814.