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They offer free mobile apps, secure access from any computer, and it’s built into your Amazon devices—so you can access your digital content everywhere you are.


Who is Product for?



Key Features

  • Save it Once, See it Everywhere
  • Safe, Secure, and Backed Up
  • Extra Storage for your Phone
  • Your Photos, Easy to Find
  • Automatic Photo Backup
  • Sign In with Amazon


Amazon Cloud at a glance

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  • Finally get the photos from your old computer, files from your laptop, and photos from your phone in one place, and enjoy them anywhere.
  • Amazon’s world-class security and protection keeps your content safe—even if your phone, tablet, or computer is lost or damaged.
  • Can delete photos from your phone and still see them via the Cloud Drive iOS or Android app.
  • Easy to find the photos you’re looking for, no matter how many you have.
  • Turn on Auto-Save in the free mobile app and your photos will be safe in your Cloud Drive, even if your phone or tablet is lost or damaged.


Starting at

A 3 month free trial is offered for both Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Everything Plan.
After free trial cost starts at:
$11.99 per year for Unlimited Photos
$59.99 per year for Unlimited Everything

Unlimited Photos Plan is already free for Amazon Prime Members.


Pricing model

Annual Subscription


Free trial