Backtweets enables you to search through an archive of old tweets and find tweets that link back to your site.



BackTweets is a twitter time machine which enables you to search through a tweet history for tweets that link back to your site.

As a free web app, BackTweets lets you search through a tweet archive for URLs sent via twitter.

URLs are found regardless of the form they were tweeted in and include: full URL links, shortened URLs and URLs without the WWW prefix.

BackTweets is a great tool for tracking your social media pulse- see how many people are talking about you, who is talking about you, and what they are saying.


Key Features

  • Twitter link search.
  • Tweet history
  • Tweet graphs
  • Reach statistics
  • Google analytics integration
  • Influencer lists
  • Email Alerts
  • Advanced search


Backtweets at a glance

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Who is Product for?

BackTweets enables individuals, companies and their competitors to gauge the quantity and quality of their Twitter reach by showing the number a times a link was tweeted as well as the actual tweet that was made.

From a business perspective, the BackTweets service can help corporations understand how individuals interact with their brand.



  • The benefits of searching an URL on BackTweets is that the results will show links Tweeted that refer to you, your company, or URL from that don’t use or mention your name, website, or Twitter name.
  • Can find tweets and mentions that normal search engines may have missed.
  • BackTweets is beneficial source for PR because you can see where your publics are getting information, as well as who they are sharing it with, track competitors, easily find strengths and weaknesses in a campaign, business, etc., and receive updates on whatever searches you like.


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Backtweets is a web application that is 100% free. Enjoy!