Blogher review | Blogher is a blog and online community for women


BlogHer is a platform where 100 million women visit each month and discuss women’s issues and ideas.


BlogHer (part of the SheKnows Family) leads the new women’s web as a social publisher and a research hub.

Additionally, with its in-person events, BlogHer is aiming to be a media company with an ever growing reach.

BlogHer features a listing of live BlogHer conferences, Lifestyle articles, Blogging Social Media and How to Articles (BlogHer University), News and Entertainment, Promotions and Research.




  • Nice site interface.
  • Modern Pinterest Style “Media Company”
  • Large audience
  • Limited training
  • Limited editor





A free community blogging platform with a women’s perspective.



BlogHer is very similar to Medium in that anyone with a free account can write articles. 

The page editing tools could use an update.  It appears to be an old school html WYSIWYG editor layout.

There is no way of saving an article as a draft as far as I can tell.

I’d want to add the function of saving or editing prior to going live, but can see it helps save on server space, storage, etc.




BlogHer’s stats seem to be taking a dive as of this review.

In the past year their traffic (according to Alexa) has dropped from 11,000 to below 20,000.

Still, with over 700k monthly unique views (quantcast) BlogHer is a great place to leverage content that appeals to women.



Blogher Jamie


Company Overview

Editor’s note: This information was taken directly from the company’s page 


Blogher is an blog and online community for women.

The company’s mission to create opportunities for women who blog to pursue exposure, education, community and economic empowerment. 

Offering marketers and brands unique opportunities to develop relationships with  women and their established, thriving communities.

BlogHer reaches conversation leaders who trust and influence each other via their community — connected across media, across experiences, across topics.





1 Time or Monthly: Free
Template Selection: No
Contract No
Ease of Use: Easy


BlogHer’s conferences (which are held annually) are the one of the world’s largest for bloggers, regardless of gender — and men are indeed invited to attend.