Bookbaby review | a slick service that let’s you calculate your costs up from and without signing up


Bookbaby is a slick service that let’s you calculate your costs up from and without signing up.

In fact, you can go through most of the creation phase without spending a dime. The calculator is brilliant because it allows me to do some quick “back of the napkin” calculations to see if my book project(s) are feasible.




  • Cost Calculator
  • Print on Demand with Distribution
  • Free templates
  • Wasn’t able to reset cost calculator during our demo



Best we’ve seen.


After you determine whether you are going to publish an eBook, a printed book, or both, you begin the process by uploading your document. 

There are some free templates that you can download and use to get your book looking great right from the get-go.

Services include (at additional cost) cover design, interior design and layout, editing, scanning and web hosting for authors.



Multiple eBook formats insure your eBook can be read on Kindle, iPad, Nook, smartphones, and every reader around the globe.

This is by far the most robust platform for publishing print and eBooks we have seen. Fully automated with help and personalized services readily available.



Company Overview

Editor’s note: This information was taken directly from the company’s page 

Based in Portland, Oregon, BookBaby is a small team of authors, bloggers, programmers, and dreamers. They’re dedicated to helping authors make the journey from composition to publication.





They believe all authors and writers deserve the opportunity to sell their books worldwide through Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and beyond.

And every author should experience the excitement of cracking open the first copy of his or her freshly minted work, hot off the printing press.



Contract: No
Author Rights: Author Retains
Book Pricing: As low as $19 for a one off printed book.
Retail Pricing: Author sets
Delivery Platform: Amazon Kindle, iPad, Nook, Kobo, Android Tablets, PDF
Distribution Assistance: Yes
Ease of Use: Simple