Campaigner review | solid platform that offers a great starting point


Taking a look at Campaigners offerings I found them to be a pretty standard email marketing application.


The flow of the backend is laid out nicely and is simple to navigate.  

The reporting system as well is adequate and will give you the statistics you will need to see the results of your efforts.

Campaigner also offers a product called Workflows which enables you to define sets of rules for automated emails.  We call them autoresponders.

This is based on sending an email and a specific action is taken, it triggers another email in response and so on.

It allows you to see who your possible buyers are and who of those you are emailing may need more conversation to see if your product or service is good for them.




  • Lots of templates to choose from
  • Easy to navigate dashboard
  • Social media integration
  • Lacking in the add-on’s area



Campaigner is a solid choice for a low cost email marketing service.


Founder of the Workflows Product

They offer over 500 templates so it’s pretty easy to find a great design that will work for you.

Campaigner helps make sorting easier by dividing the templates up into niches so not to have to go through all them to find that magical one that’s right for your product or service.


Campaigner at a glance

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There aren’t a lot of other add-on’s like surveys or polls, so you should look at one of the other products that does offer these additional services if you are going to need them in your marketing plan.

Overall Campaigner is a solid platform that offers a great starting point if you are new to the email marketing arena or if you aren’t using a lot of extra’s in your email marketing strategy.


Top Features:  Free Trial, No Contract, Can- Spam Compliance



*Monthly Pricing Plans: Starting at $19.95/mo for up to 1000 subscribers
Campaign Automation: Yes
Surveys, Contests, Polls: No 
Social Media Integration: Yes
Custom Templates: Yes, tons to choose from. Even offering niche specific themes
Contract Required: No
Reporting: Yes
Ease of Use: Pretty simple to get up and running