Carbonite is a recognized innovator in the online backup industry


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Carbonite is a recognized innovator in the online backup industry.

They back up more than 200 million new files every day and it takes a lot of advanced technology to make sure those backups happen quickly, safely and without incident.

Smart technology keeps things simple.

They designed their software to be intelligent, so it can automatically find the files on your computer and back them up quietly in the background.

Their restore process is the easiest in the industry – with a couple of clicks you can begin restoring your lost or damaged files back to your computer.

And, their restore manager makes it easy to restore your files to a new computer by automatically figuring out where to put your files so they’re arranged just like they were on your old computer. 


Carbonite at a glance

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Who is Product for?

Carbonite is a right-sized solutions for small to midsize businesses.


Key Features

  • Automatic, continuous backup
  • Simple, browser-based admin dashboard
  • Encrypted, offsite storage at secure data centers
  • Private encryption key management
  • Easy to access
  • Hassle-free file recovery
  • U.S.-based customer support



  • Protects unlimited workstations & servers
  • Easy-to-use management tools
  • Superior levels of security
  • Affordable, scalable features


Starting at

Personal Plans – For photos, music and other home office and family files.
Basic – $59.99/Yr Windows/mac
Plus – $99.99/Yr Windows
Prime – $149.99/Yr Windows


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