Chrome Eye Dropper is open source extension – pick colors from web pages, color picker & more


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Eye Dropper is an extension for Google Chrome and Chromium.

It allows you to pick a color from any webpage or from advanced color picker. It is a great tool for web developers.


Who is Product for?

Chrome users that are trying to find out what colors are on certain images


Key Features

  • Support for shorthand hex colors
  • Possibility to reset keyboard shortcuts in options
  • Correct behavior on image pages
  • Better badge icons and some icon polishing
  • Couple of fixes of some rare bugs
  • Update to new color picker (jPicker) version


Chrome Eye Dropper at a glance

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  • You can pick any color on a current webpage and store it in history or copy to clipboard.
  • Eye Dropper has integrated color picker so you can comfortably find needed colors.
  • Every picked color is stored in history when you can find it in future.


Starting at

Eye dropper is an extension for Google Chrome or Chromium, so if you have it, simply go to Chrome Web Store and click install for free.