Think screen capture mixed with bookmarking. Clipular lets you share and group any screenshots in chrome.

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Clipular is the scissors, camera and collections for the modern web. Think “screen capturing” marries “bookmarking”.


Clipular lets you capture, share and bookmark any moment and any portion in your chrome browser.

It could be a game shot, a music video moment, a dynamic application, a Facebook comment, a snippet in a news feed, etc.

Clips are what-you-see-is-what-you-clip and portable to share.

It also gives you tools to package and publish your collection to tell a story, support a point, construct a visual essay, show your favorite people or things, etc.


Clipular at a glance

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Key Features

  • Screen capture
  • Share
  • Bookmark instantly
  • Snap/Clip
  • Share on the fly
  • Save
  • Annotate, Organize & Power Search
  • What People Screen Capture
  • Bug Report and Suggestions


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It can be use by signing up with your Facebook or Twitter Account. Signing up is Free.