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Crowdfire. They created it to give Twitter users a more efficient way of managing their accounts.

Built with the initial aim to answer the oft-asked question, “Who unfollowed me on Twitter?”, Crowdfire has now matured into a holistic friend management platform.

By the power bestowed upon you by Crowdfire and so on and so forth, you can manage your Twitter and Instagram accounts far more effectively by:

  • Finding inactive users and your unfollowers – unfollow them if you wish to
  • Finding relevant users to follow using our insightful “Copy Followers” feature
  • Keeping track of how your social media updates affect your follower/unfollower stats
  • Checking the relationship between any two Twitter/Instagram accounts and doing a whole lot more.
  • Used by over 10 million Twitter and Instagram users and available on the web, Android and iOS,

Crowdfire Capsule

  • Crowdfire is the biggest marketing product for Twitter and Instagram
  • Works via the Clean – Engage – Grow philosophy
  • Very smart features that guarantee growth on social media
  • Helps businesses & individuals to reach potential customers, grab eyeballs philosophy
  • Available across platforms: Web, iOS and Android


Crowdfire at a glance 

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Who is Product for?

Twitter users (business and individuals)


Key Features

  • Use their “Clean” features to remove unwanted, spam, irrelevant accounts that do not add value to your feed or end goal
  • Optimize on the “Engage” features to get your target audience talking about and to you on social media.
  • Smartly wielded the “Growth” features to reach the right people and grow your follower count astronomically.



  • Recent Unfollowers and Inactive following: These tell you who unfollowed you and users who are inactive (features that Twitter and Instagram do not inherently have).
  • TakeOff for Instagram: A scheduler + viral hashtag tool + photo suggester all rolled into one. Only on mobile.
  • DM Marketing: Reach out, connect and sell via DMs.
  • Eagle Eye: Elaborate Twitter analytics to help businesses make smarter, more informed decisions and analysis.
  • Copy Followers: Follow the followers of your competitors/similar accounts and watch yourself gain followers who are actually interested in your updates.
  • Keyword Follow / Nearby: Search prospective tweeps by location and keyword. Fantastic for local businesses.


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Crowdfire can be download at Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free