Crowdtap partners with brands to translate their marketing objectives into member actions



Offering a SaaS Platform. Crowdtap allows brands to collaborate with their most passionate consumers, activating them as peer influencers for scalable word-of-mouth marketing both on and offline.

With Crowdtap’s software as a service (SaaS) platform, marketers can easily integrate their brand’s existing communities from Facebook, Twitter, and CRM databases, to seamlessly identify, activate, and reward their top influencers.

For these influencers, Crowdtap is a fun, social game that lets them gain VIP status, access exclusive content and products and earn perks and rewards for collaborating with their favorite brands.

Crowdtap, the People-Powered Marketing Platform, is a new operating system for brands powered by the people who love them. Our platform makes it easy for brands to put consumers at the heart of their marketing to drive product ideation, inform marketing strategy and create authentic content that fuels earned media.

Crowdtap partners with brands to translate their marketing objectives into member actions that build authentic relationships with your customers, unearth powerful insights, and generate business impact.


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Who is Product for?



Key Features

  • Product innovation & co-creation
  • Agile brand & category insights
  • Premium content from topical experts
  • Product trial
  • Social buzz & amplification



  • Moderate ongoing conversations with people who are passionate about collaborating with brands on research, product innovation, and more.
  • Launch customizable polls to explore how people engage with your brand, product, and category — and gather real-time feedback on key marketing decisions.
  • Empower people to become storytellers on behalf of your brand, inspiring the creation of UGC and authentic reviews.
  • Put real people at the heart of your paid, earned, and owned media strategy by harnessing the power of word of mouth.


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