Dashburst is a place for you to discover and share interesting new content


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A new multimedia blogging platform, search engine and creative social network.

DashBurst is a place for you to discover and share interesting new content and useful sites from all across the web.

They are also a creative digital media agency and an independent news source dedicated to covering the latest in technology, business, marketing, art, culture and design.

They research and archive information, graphics and statistics from thousands of industry leading resources to provide marketers and designers with real-time actionable intelligence to create more effective websites, social media strategies and viral marketing campaigns.


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Who is Product for?

Their client services range from website development, graphics, apps, SEO, testing, marketing, presentations, infographic design, IT consulting and social media strategy.

They also have a special startup acceleration program geared towards new companies looking to make some noise in social media without a huge budget or staff.


Key Features

  • Use DashBurst (in beta) to explore and share new photos, videos, audio, articles, infographics, documents, the web and any other digital content with just one simple Burst!
  • Get updates directly to your web browser, mobile phone or tablet whenever your favorite musician, artist, blog, brand or anyone else you follow Bursts something new.
  • Publish whenever or wherever you want. Schedule and queue unlimited Bursts for later and watch them automatically get published to your DashBurst and other social media channels simultaneously, saving you time so that you can continue creating or just relax.
  • Use Boards to curate and showcase interesting content like your own works, must-read articles or anything you like including those odd animal couples you’re obsessed with, too.



  • Company news- Stay up to date with company news
  • Job opportunities – Discover new job opportunities
  • Employee connections – See how you’re connected to employees


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