Doesfollow helps you track who follows whom on Twitter since 2008.



With popular Twitter users having hundreds of thousands of followers, it is hard to find out if a specific user is following them.

You could of course go through their followers list if you have tons of time on your hands, or if you want to do it smartly, check out DoesFollow.

By just entering a Twitter handle for user1 and a Twitter handle for user2, DoesFollow tells you if user1 is following user2.

You can also click the swap button to see if user2 follows user1.

The site gives you a simple yup or nope as an answer. You can also try an insulting version of the site which gives you more than just a yup or nope to make it more interesting.


DoesFollow at a glance

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Who is Product for?

Twitter users


Key Features

  • Check the relationship of any two individuals
  • Create groups of accounts for group checks
  • Check individuals against any group
  • See when follow relationships changed



  • See if a Twitter user follows another user.
  • Get a simple yup or nope as an answer.
  • Check right from your address bar.
  • No registration required.


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