eClincher review | a great tool for managing your social media


eClincher is a great tool for managing your social media empire.


If you are using one app to manage all your posts and analytics (and you should) you need to be happy with the interface and the app’s look and feel.


eClincher is one of the most comfortable apps to use in this space.


Your dashboard displays you streams in a column fashion (like hootsuite). Your scheduling is super easy and the entire site is intuitive.


The scheduling is super strong with the ability to schedule posts in the future, add repeats and add to a pre-defined Que.




  • 14 day FREE trial
  • 1 Universal Inbox for all your social channels
  • The ultimate social media scheduling tool
  • Outreach and custom feeds
  • No schedule optimization



A top runner in the Social Media Management space!


That last feature lets you create a posting schedule and content to it quickly and as needed.


Think a Tips and Tricks that come out every other day. Once the queue is setup you add posts to the queue and the scheduling is taken care of.


The ability to create custom feeds from your streams is an amazing tool.


Basically a filter that allows for searching by hashtag, keyword, location and sentiment!


Imagine a feed with users that are talking (positively and/or negatively) about Pizza near your pizza shop!


The analytics are displayed on a nice dashboard with the ability to export in a number of different formats including pdf, csv and png.


Other available analytics include performance metrics and top influencers.


Support is via an on-boarding tour that is available at any time, a comprehensive FAQ section and live chat.



Company Overview

Editor’s note: This information was taken directly from the company’s page 


Staying on top of social media is a huge challenge. On average, businesses spend 6-25 hours a week managing their social media presence.


They built eClincher with the goal of simplifying social media marketing, while providing a complete and user-friendly solution to engage, monitor, and grow your audience on multiple social networks.


eClincher is a single platform, which allows businesses to efficiently manage and track social media accounts with actionable analytics.


Why Them

eClincher is a powerful social media management tool, designed to help businesses manage and organize their social media presence, in a simplified manner.


Key features:

  • Complete content management with publishing and scheduling posts, creating and managing draft posts, and auto posting with queues
  • Monitoring, listening and engagement with live feeds and custom search feeds
  • Unified social inbox so you never miss a message, comment, question or a customer request





  • Social analytics to track and measure results of posts, tweets, mentions, social accounts, and much more…
  • Create and share stunning images and animated gifs. Includes image library and design tool
  • Google analytics integration to show social activities’ impact on your website. Beautiful charts and reports
  • Content curation with Feedly, RSS feeds, custom search feeds. One-click to share content to any social account
  • Top social networks, including: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Blogger…


Pricing: Subscription. Starting at $15/mo for individual plan, up to $200/mo for an agency. Discounts given for annual payments.
Monitor & Engage: Social Feeds allows you to easily accomplish all your social activities such as: liking, commenting, replying to a question, accepting new connections, etc.
Profiles Managed:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Blogger
  • Feedly
Reporting: Comprehensive analytics. Easy to understand and visually appealing.
Ease of Use: Nice interface and appreciate the thorough onboarding experience.




  • Bakari | MatAutomationTips

    Thanks for this review. eClincher sounds like a good alternative to Edgar and Buffer. It could lower my social media costs.