Meet Edgar review | Edgar is a social media autoresponder


Edgar is a social media autoresponder as one blogger put it.


Edgar has all the posting, scheduling, monitoring features that most social media systems have.

Where it outshines the competition is in its’ ability to schedule from the archive of your evergreen posts.

This allows those of us who have more of a focus on content distribution and less on social engagement keep things going out and being consistent.

Each has its’ place and depending on how you want to work (personal engagement vs content distribution) is an area that you need to evaluate for maximum value.

Edgar allows you to create a library of posts for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

You then save each update to a category of content. You might want categories for ‘evergreen posts’, ‘inspiration’, ‘ads’ etc.




  • Store evergreen content for easy post scheduling
  • 30 Free trial after invited
  • Great feedback loop for listening and engaging
  • Currently limited to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • No mobile app



Edgar allows you to create a library of content to recycle based on your editorial calendar.


Next you set up a schedule for which categories go to and when for each social account.

For example you might choose to have your ‘evergreen posts’ to go out on your Facebook account at 10am and 4pm every other day and for them to go on your LinkedIn account at noon every Monday.

Your ‘inspiration’ posts might go out on Twitter at 9am and your ‘ads’ might go on Twitter at 10, 2, and 7.

Edgar automatically creates a queue from your categories and schedules.

And rotates through your content and never quits. So, be sure to continue to add new fresh content so your feeds will not be the same 5 posts 😉


Meet Edgar at a glance

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Edgar is a bit pricy at $49/mo for 10 profiles. But it does the work of a few good VAs so it can be a value if:

1) you have a lot of evergreen content and

2) want a way to keep your feeds full without having to be personally active in the stream for every communication and/or

3) you are a solo-entrepreneur or have a small team and need the value of automation to help keep your social moving.


Support is handled by Knowledgebase and live chat and we found them to be quite responsive.

Now for my professional feedback about using Meet Edgar (as this is the platform of choice at Reviews.Today).

Please note, we are not an affiliate of Edgar but do endorse the platform and would highly recommend it to others that are trying to accomplish similar things.


What I love:

  • It has allowed us to create a whole library of evergreen content for us to schedule and share without hours and hours of repurposing.
  • It’s allowed us to set-up specific categories to help our campaigns stay together and consistent.
  • Edgar is also helping us increase traffic to our site along with tremendous consistency (which is sometimes hard to do) when it comes to managing so many social profiles.
  • We appreciate the quick glance at the analytics for adjusting on the go. If we see the content we have going out isn’t converting we can quickly change things around for better results.
  • And one of our favorite features of Meet Edgar is their RSS Feed. Now as many of you know Rev|To is new to the space and we prepared a ton of content…well 1000’s of pages prior to us going live. ME’s RSS Feed allowed us to have all of our posts feed into the library and put into draft mode for our edits and scheduling without us having to manually enter them one at a time. This has literally saved us a ton of hours! Shew..thanks!!





What I look forward to evolving on the Platform:

  • Support more social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+ (currently having to use Hootsuite for those).
  • Being a visual person, I’d love to see a monthly calendar instead of just one so we can plan out different campaigns based on dates instead of just day of the week.

Company Overview

Editor’s note: This information was taken directly from the company’s page 

Edgar is the first and only tool made specifically to address this issue of an evergreen content library.

Edgar is a social media scheduling tool that automatically builds a library of every update a user uploads, so they can share them again and again over time.



Pricing: Subscription. Starting at $49/mo and $99/mo for Premium Plan
Monitor & Listen: Ability to set-up custom feeds on any keywords and see content live.
Profiles Managed:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
Reporting: Edgar gives you analytics based on how they perform in terms of how many likes, comments and shares they get.
Ease of Use: Pretty nice interface. Appreciate the platform for sure.


The app pulls updates from that library to automatically fill the user’s queue.

That way, they never run out of things to post, and their updates get the chance to be seen by new people in their audience.

This breaks the constant cycle of manually refilling an empty update queue, and gives every update multiple chances to find an audience.