Elance, an Upwork Company | Elance is a platform for online independent contract work



UPDATE:  Elance is now an Upwork company. In 2014, Elance merged with oDesk. In 2015, oDesk was relaunched as Upwork.

Along with social media and the boundaries being removed from where we do business, so have sites like Elance by providing us a platform to reach talent we have never had access to before.

Performing at the top level in the outsourcing space, its one of the best medium’s I’ve used to connect professional small businesses to outsourcing resources.

They provide a ton of resources, documents and how-to’s to get you up and running.

Appreciate the documentation examples as a first time outsourcers may not think of everything they made need to get a project completed.

This additional support also adds to a comfort level and trust that whatever the project or contractor, Elance is there to support both sides through the transaction.



  • With over 99,000+ jobs posted in just the last 30 days, Elance has figured out the secret sauce of delivery outsourcing services.
  • Terms of Service are pretty restrictive, so make sure you understand what you’re committing to prior to using the site.




Elance allows organizations to connect to top providers regardless if they are your local neighbor or across the globe.



Freelancers can search the Elance website for posted jobs, and can research clients’ buying history on the system.

Each freelancer can post a profile displaying past jobs and feedback, a portfolio, and specific skill and educational-background information that can be verified by a potential client.


The place to get access of over 1 million skilled freelancers from around the world


Elance prides itself on not replacing the decision to hire in-house staff but to build more autonomy and enhancements around the process for outsourcing talent and the small to midsize business owner relationship so they can work together more seamlessly to accomplish the goals of the business owner.

If you are looking to outsource a project or pick up a freelance opportunity Elance is definitely worth the review.

Just like with any of the platforms rev|to reviews, due your due diligence and make sure it will accomplish your goals.




Company Overview

Editor’s note: This information was taken directly from the company’s page 

Elance is a platform for online independent contract work.  They help businesses hire and manage talented freelancers to get things done.

Businesses can use the Elance website to post jobs, search for contractors, and solicit proposals.

They can also evaluate the contractors applying for the job by reviewing qualifications, work history, ratings, portfolios, and skill test scores.


Once a contractor is selected, the project communications and files can be exchanged through the Elance system. The contractor is paid by the client through Elance’s system, which deducts a percentage of the fee as a “commission.” For hourly-rate jobs, timesheets are automatically generated, and Elance’s optional Work View tool provides an official record of work completed.

For project-based jobs, milestones are defined to indicate progress toward completion, and funds held in escrow by Elance ensure payment upon completion of the milestone.





When a contractor quotes an hourly rate or a fixed price to a client, Elance automatically includes a service fee and after Elance bills the contractor and receives payment for the work, the fee is deducted and the balance is transferred to the contractor’s account.

Registered free users can submit up to 15 proposals each month for free; paid membership plans allow submission of additional proposals.

Payment for services performed is guaranteed, if work is done using all elements of the Elance system.



Area of Focus: Programmers, mobile developers, SEO consultants, multimedia, writers, translators & marketers
Cost to Post: Free to post job. Contractor is charged 8.75% of the project
Payment/Terms Policy: Funds are deposited into Elance’s escrow account at beginning of project and released upon completion approval
Refund/Dispute Policy: Elance offers dispute assistance barring funds are still being held in the escrow account
Ease of Use: Little bit of a learning curve, but lots of tutorials to help with set-up