Everything I Know

Paul Jarvis is a lively, talented & incredibly insightful writer


Paul Jarvis is the friend that every creative needs: friendly, whip-smart, & willing to give you a kick in the ass every now & then.” —Sean Blanda, Adobe/99u


By: Paul Jarvis
Pages: 144
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Everything I Know is a no-rules guide through uncharted territory.


Everything I know

It’s a swift kick in the creative ass without fairies, unicorns or new-age clichés.


Paul Jarvis is the strategic and design talent behind some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and online businesses – including Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forleo, Yahoo, The High Line and Mercedes-Benz – and he’s learned a thing or two about forging your own path in life and work.


Instead of offering one-size-fits-all advice, Paul provides an infinitely flexible template for adventure.


There is a better, more satisfying path out there, if you’re willing to take risks and explore new territory.


This book provides practical ideas and questions to help you conquer fear, overcome inertia, embrace vulnerability, validate your plans and launch even the most outlandish projects on a basement budget.


How and where you go next is entirely up to you.


About the Author:

Paul Jarvis is a web designer, author and gentleman of adventure. He’s founded several start-ups, toured the US and Canada in the band Mojave, self-published two books, and has worked as a web designer for almost two decades.


Paul’s writing appears in Fast Company, 99u, The Next Web, GOOD, Elephant Journal, Design Taxi, Medium.com and many other publications.


With an international reputation as the designer whose vision and web design strategy builds multi-million dollar businesses, he’s worked with Fortune 500 companies, best-selling authors and the world’s biggest entrepreneurs.


Paul’s clients include Yahoo, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, The Highline in New York City, Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forleo and Kris Carr. You can find him on Twitter at @pjrvs. He currently lives in the woods on Vancouver Island with his wife Lisa and their two rats, Onha’ and Awe:ri.