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Feedient is a free-to-use web application that provides a thorough overview of your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube feeds, all in one browser window.

Feedient was founded by two students from Europe, looking to simplify the everyday life of people. Their idea is to gather all your social content in one simple place, which makes it easier for people to stay up to date with the different social networks they usually to visit one-by-one.

They are currently in closed Alpha stage, with integration support for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube (subscription feed). The accounts you decide to connect have their feeds show up side-by-side in columns, all updated in realtime.


Who is Product for?

Marketers, Designers, Founders, Product Managers, and Agencies all over the world


Feedient at a glance


Key Features

  • Design The Process
    First, define your target audience demographics (age, gender, location, etc). You can also further refine targeting criteria through the use of custom screening questions.
    Our simple drag-and-drop tools make it very easy to build the optimal engagement and feedback process for your product. Provide users with custom tasks and feedback questions. Choose from a variety of question types to get both quantitative and qualitative data. When you’re ready, launch your campaign and we’ll start to recruit participants immediately.
  • Users Engage & Give Feedback
    As soon as users are accepted into your campaign, they are provided with access instructions and the tasks & guidance that you have prepared.
    Track the results and manage the process using our simple project dashboard you begin to receive signups and high quality engagement. Collect and review bug reports, send messages and follow-up questions, and analyze survey and task-based feedback as it comes in.
  • You Get Actionable Results
    View your aggregated results immediately as they come in, with easy-to-read charts for quantitative data (e.g. multiple choice questions), along with the full-text of your written responses. View all the data in aggregate or easily hone-in on a single participant.
    If you need clarification on anything, just send a follow-up question and continue the discussion.



  • Testers That Match Your Target Audience
    With a global community of 70,000+ testers, we’ll provide targeted participants and highly relevant results.
  • Powerful Tools Made Easy
    Our flexible platform supports custom on-demand user tasks, surveys, test cases, bug reports, and more.
  • Real, Personal Communication
    Communicate directly with each tester through our platform. Ask follow-up questions to clarify feedback & resolve bugs.

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