Fiverr review | is the place where people do things for $5


If you can think of it… someone on is probably willing to fulfill it for $5 bucks!


When signing up on Fiverr; their terms of service permit them to use your finished product for their own marketing promotions.

Fiverr sells Gigs at $5 per. A gig is a task. You can add additional gigs of the same task or of complementary tasks.

For example you can find someone offering a Logo design for $5 – I have and it was a great experience.




  • For those quick & easy jobs that SHOULD only cost $5 bucks
  • Good Ranking System
  • Great Interface
  • Not a good platform if a project needs multiple revisions
  • Not for complex tasks


THE BOTTOMLINE / is the place where people do things for $5. Great source for a quick and simple project.



For an additional $5 gig, I could get the design in eps format. So, for 1 $10 spot I got a simple logo that I can use anywhere.

This is not a site for complex tasks or tasks that need a lot of instruction. It’s a perfect marketplace to find folks to:

  • Create a Logo
  • Write an Article or Blog Post
  • Create a Jingle
  • SEO services
  • and more






There are even some cool and bizarre Gigs that you can purchase for a 5 spot:

  • I will have Jesus send you a custom message from heaven
  • I will be your girlfriend on Facebook and leave flirty comments
  • I will sing Happy Birthday to you as Jungle Boy


The sellers get rated and ranked based on performance, delivery timeliness, and ease of working with.

You can clearly see reviews and seller ranking on their offered gigs so that takes some of the risk out of the buying experience.

I’ve used Fiverr and been very happy with the results.




Company Overview

Editor’s note: This information was taken directly from the company’s page

Fiverr is a global marketplace for buying and selling services starting at $5.

Fiverr provides a “living marketplace” where people can monetize their skills, talents and resources.

Gigs offered on the site range from web design, logo creation and market research, to personal greetings, video animation and personalized gifts.



Area of Focus: Almost anything goes
Cost to Post: Free to buyer. Seller pays 20% fee to fiverr for jobs
Payment/Terms Policy: Project is funded upon selecting a contractor
Refund/Dispute Policy: There are some option here, but Fiverr would like to see the buyer and seller try to resolve between themselves, if not, Fiverr Support will step-in and resolve.
Ease of Use: Up to 13 days after project completion there could be a possible refund issued. Otherwise all sales are final.  Should order be canceled through Paypal – no refund will be issued.


For five dollars, someone may be hired to design your Facebook page, or to sing while holding a sign with your company logo, or to receive travel tips for visiting Paris.

Gigs on Fiverr are quite diverse with such items for sale including celebrity impressions, marketing tips, or custom printed guitar picks.

Fiverr provides tools for sellers to engage, build and grow their customer base, including systems for collecting payment, promoting services, managing orders, exchanging files and communicating with buyers.