Free Conference Pro review is a free to use site that makes their money from agreements with their partnering telcos.

The numbers are not toll free so if your participants do not have free long distance, chances are they will pay for the call.

But… today most of us have free LD calling that’s unlimited. So, let’s call this service FREE as in Beer.

FCP is very easy to use and a call is set up quickly. Support is provided via Knowledge Base and Trouble ticket.





  • FREE audio teleseminar platform
  • Instant replay available
  • Unlimited call duration
  • Didn’t find any really for a FREE service*




Free account and up to 800 attendees make this our Editors Choice for Teleconferencing.



When you sign up for an account you are given a number that you will have for the duration of your free account.

You can schedule a call, record a call and offer the playback of the call.




There are three conference modes:

  1. Conversation mode 
  2. Q&A mode 
  3. Presentation mode


Call capacity is limited to 800 but you can call and request a larger cap.




Company Overview

Editor’s note: This information was taken directly from the company’s page

FreeConferencePro is an enhanced information service provider dedicated to providing the highest quality, easiest to use, and most innovative audio conferencing services, and making them available to all users for free.

FreeConferencePro is a completely automated and secure system that allows you to sign up for the service and immediately receive a Conference Access Number and your own personal Passcode, ready for use immediately.



Recording Ability: Yes, and replays are immediately available
Best Price Monthly: FREE
Recording Ability: Yes and download available
Video/Audio: Audio only
Participants: Standard calls from 2 to 800
Mobile Ready: Yes, you can call in from any device
Reporting: Standard
Ease of Use: Pretty basic set-up and remember…it’s FREE



Personal FreeConferencePro

Portal where you can schedule meetings, access recordings and view detailed reports of past meetings, and set your call setting preferences for entry/exit tones, security, and more.

Host Keypad Controls 

Let you manage callers, security, and settings right from your phone keypad.

Get real-time participant counts, lock and unlock the conference, mute and un-mute participants, and more.

Live Conference Control Panel

Gives you all the control as the Host Keypad Controls with additional capabilities, such as a real-time view of who is on your conference.

Disclaimer  * does not charge any fees for the use of their services. Their Access Numbers are not toll-free and will be a domestic long distance call for most users. Therefore, a user may be charged by their long distance carrier for calling us, unless nationwide long distance is bundled into the user’s calling plan. Use of is always totally free.