Headway Themes review | A really great tool for designers



Headway Themes is a Theme add-on to WordPress that will give you drag and drop design features for ultimate flexibility.


Let’s just start out by saying if you have never worked with WordPress (WP) before or you don’t have a design bone in your body?

Go out and buy a theme and install it. Headway Themes (HT) is for designers who want to get their design “themed”  for WP. HT is not trivial.

First you are presented with the bones or the GRID structure of your site. Here is where you tell HT where you want things to be using the Visual Editor.




  • Totally flexible designs for WordPress


  • You need to be a designer to get a good outcome. Trust me on this.



If you are a WordPress Theme designer or want to be… Headway Themes is for you!



Next is the Design studio and here is where you determine how these areas will look.

You can preview your work every step of the way and the interface is fast and easy to navigate.

HT has a dozen or so add ons called blocks.

These are drag and drop elements that add some nice functionality to your site. Some notable blocks include WooCommerce, Community Builder, Pinboard and others.

Some really beautiful sites have used HT to design and build their website.

These are done by professional designers who use HT on a regular basis.

What would REALLY be nice is pre built examples to choose from as a starting point.

Headway Themes really is a great tool for designers! Support is available to purchasers and includes documentation, tutorials and forums.





Company Overview

Editor’s note: This information was taken directly from the company’s page 

Building a website shouldn’t be hard—nor should it be painful. Here’s how Headway makes creating a website easy and enjoyable.


Headway Grid: The Headway Grid allows you to build virtually any layout you can think of.

You are no longer constrained to other limited drag and drop layout systems. Headway is beyond drag and drop. 


Headway Themes at a Glance

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Design Editor: Add colors, background images, rounded corners, shadows, and more all without any code.

Need to customize an element on one page, but not the other? No problem!

Search Engine Optimization: Let’s face it, no matter how beautiful your website is, it won’t do any good unless you’re found.

Fortunately, you can let Headway take care of this so you can do less worrying and focus on your website.


Latest Standards: Your website should be in 2012, not 1992. Responsive grid, HTML5, and CSS3 support.

What else could you ever need! Headway Extend™: Supercharge your site with blocks in Headway Extend.


Developer Friendly: While we may tout Headway as not requiring users to write code, there’s another side to Headway: the developer features.






Best Monthly Value: $87 one time fee for one site. $174 for developers (unlimited sites)
Contract: No. Developer license is for unlimited sites
Website Add-ons: 12
Template Selection: 1
Design Flexibility: Very
Responsive Themes: Yes
eCommerce: Yes, ready to install Woocommerce and go!
Ease of Use:   Mid to advanced skills needed 



Headway Themes really is a great tool for designers! Support is available to purchasers and includes documentation, tutorials and forums.



  • Christy Corning

    Check out the new updates they’ve done. They are really cool.

  • JaspeR

    I like these guys buT the platfoRm was a little advanced for my skills as a beginner.. Had to gO back to wordpRess.