How to Engage Your Team to Be Evangelist of Your Story



Like many business owners, creating the perfect team to carry out your business’ goals is just as important as any other factors that needs to be considered when running a business.

Here are a few tips on how to engage your team to be evangelists of your story.


Give Them a Voice



If you’re the boss of your team, your judgement clearly has the biggest impact on your business, whether it’s about advertising, marketing strategy, company logo etc.

While this may be true, your team’s plans and ideas matter just as much as yours do.

Giving your team members a chance to share their thoughts about your next advertisement take for example, is going to give you more ideas on how to take the next step.

As they say “two heads are better than one”.


Ask Them to Collaborate


Although your team belongs to a specific department, which might limit their work to a specific task only, it doesn’t mean that they can’t reach out to other departments.

One part of an effective business strategy, is collaboration.

Give your team a chance to work with other departments to discuss ideas on both parties involved.

This is a low-cost activity that generates large gains when executed properly.


Create Intersections


Try to find a way for your team to intersect with your most valuable audiences.

Involvement matters just as much as other factors in your business strategies do.

Take for example, you can find a way to weave your employees into your sales channel efforts or consumer marketing efforts.

Allowing your team to show their deep commitment and knowledge of your products and services, can create a good relationship between your team and your target audiences.

Reward Them



After involving your team to these activities, it’s always good to give them even the simplest reward.

You can either take them out for lunch or dinner or buy goodies for your team to share.

You can also give them credits and mentions on your business’ social media page and even at the office by posting their photos in your office showing their accomplishment as a team.

Building strong relationships isn’t just about you and your customer, but how you weave your team into the mix is what will make it twice as valuable.  Remember different people are attracted to different offerings, so your team can add huge value!

We’d love to hear how you and your team interact with each other and how this helps or doesn’t your customers. Share your experience here. We all learn from each other.


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