How To Make Millions With Your Ideas

An Entrepreneur’s Guide


By: Dan S. Kennedy
Pages: 272
Available:  Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Indiebound



make millionsYou’ve come up with a brilliant idea for a brand-new product or service you know could make you rich.  


Or maybe you currently own a business that pays the bills, and your dream is to become fabulously successful and retire a millionaire.


But how?  How to Make Millions with Your Ideas has all the answers.


This book is packed with the true stories and proven advice of ordinary people who began with just an idea, a simple product, or a fledgling business and would up with millions.


It examines the methods and principles of dozens of successful entrepreneurs, including author Dan Kennedy’s surefire, easy-to-follow Millionaire Maker Strategies.  


It helps you determine which of three paths to success are best for you and guides you step-by-step down that path on your way to fortune.


About the Author:

Dan S. Kennedy is president of Kennedy’s Inner Circle, and has been writing sales letters for over twenty years for both large and small businesses.


He is also a popular speaker on marketing and sales issues.


His popular newsletter, The No B.S. Marketing Letter, reaches thousands of people in the U.S. and Canada while his Web site receives more than 10,000 dedicated visitors a month. 



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