HowSociable is a social media monitoring tool that helps you to measure and track your brand’s magnitude


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HowSociable has been providing a simple way for you to begin measuring your brand’s impact on the social web since 2008.

They’ve measured over 250,000 brands while requiring zero configuration on the part of their users and only a few seconds wait while they analyze a brand’s presence to calculate initial scores.


Who is Product for?

If you are responsible for managing your company or client’s brand communications, so that you can demonstrate return on investment from social media marketing to the board.

If you are a small / medium business owner and manage all social media activities yourself, you need to measure your own brand value as well as your competitors and track your progress regularly.


HowSociable at a glance

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Key Features

  • The social web is bigger than you think
    • Facebook, YouTube and Twitter combined account for less than 20% of the activity on the social web. Having the most likes, views and followers doesn’t mean your brand is having the biggest impact. HowSociable calculates brand impact scores using a sample that gives you a view on the parts of the social web where over 60% of the activity takes place.
  • Measure while you sleep
    • You could invest an hour or so a day trawling the web to reach the same conclusions as HowSociable. Wouldn’t you prefer to be spending that time doing what you do best – engaging with your customers? HowSociable’s reports can draw your attention to the parts of the web you might be neglecting and indicate where your efforts have had most success.
  • Focus
    • Social media monitoring software is notoriously complex; it often has hundreds of features that require you to invest days in setup and training. Wouldn’t you prefer to have a tool that just works? They’re focused on giving you the information you need as quickly and simply as possible. Start using HowSociable today so you can focus on the one thing that’s most important to your business.
  • Flexible
    • Like thousands of others, you’ll probably find the free version of HowSociable to be super useful. When you need them there are other options too. They want you to be able to get started and enjoy the benefits of HowSociable immediately, and they’ve made it so easy you’ve probably already tried it. Whenever you need more or less coverage you can upgrade or downgrade your account, there are no cancellation fees.



  • How can you listen to everything that is being said about your brand online? You could spend your entire day on social media research and still not cover everything. And even if you did manage to collect all the necessary data, how would you analyze and use it in a meaningful way?
  • Social media tools can make your life a lot easier by filtering all the relevant data on the web and using metrics to give you an objective view of your brand positioning.
  • Tools like HowSociable make brand management easier by providing a simple way to measure brand impact online using just your brand name. It gives you a ‘magnitude score’ of 0-10 that indicates the level of activity around your brand in a given week from across the social web, using the 36 most popular social media sites. It even breaks down scores for different social media platforms so that you can see where your brand is most active.


Starting at:

$9 per 3 months (5brands/names/topics) for Basic Plans

Premium Plans:

  • Plus Plan – $19 per 3 months (20brands/names/topics)
  • Max Plan – $99 per year (100brands/names/topics)
  • Upgrade, Degrade or Cancel anytime.

HowSociable also offers Addons. Email [email protected] for quotation.


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