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IFTTT (If This Then That) is an application linking platform that lets you connect your favorite mobile applications to each other for automatic data synchronization and personalized knowledge feeds.

The free-to-use software is available on desktop and mobile applications and all data is automatically synchronized across all your channels.

IFTTT will let you create and tailor all your information on the go, they also provide feedback and support via social media and their blog.


IFTTT at a glance

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Who is Product for?

For people who use Evernote, Facebook, Philips Hue, Pocket and Twitter and want to connect the apps


Key Features

  • Syndicate data via social channels
  • Create corresponding triggers to actions
  • Connect online applications
  • 300+ application integrations
  • IOS, Android, Google Play
  • Allows auto-backups
  • Establish user channels
  • Manage triggers
  • Coordinate actions
  • Create ingredients
  • Generate recipes
  • Polling periods
  • 121 channels available
  • Build elaborate mediums
  • Customize on the go
  • Desktop portal available
  • Ongoing app integrations
  • Free to download
  • YouTube tutorials available
  • Twitter support



  • Syndicate data via social channels and connections: Link and sync over 300 online applications so data is automatically transferred from one platform to the other, for example auto-transferring new telephone contacts straight to your Gmail account.
  • Available IFTTT platforms: You can login to your IFTTT account on desktop, Apple IOS, Android and the Google Play store. All platforms are free to use and data is completely transparent across all channels.
  • Ongoing integrations and updates: IFTTT is a rapidly growing cloud to cloud platform and are continuously programming new and popular online applications with each other to expand channels.
  • Build elaborate information recipes and actions: All data feeds and recipes are fully customizable and you can alter these links whenever you see fit as well as tailor them to suite your most relevant information needs.
  • Tutorials and support: IFTTT have numerous C|NET and Mashable tutorials available on YouTube and you can also communicate to the IFTTT team on FaceBook, Twitter or through their blog.


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