Infinity Publishing review | Inexpensive packages with lots of add-ons available


Infinity is another Concierge style Self Publishing service that offers packages and a la carte services for authors.


If you have your manuscript done and simply need some copyediting and then publish, Infinity may be a great fit.

Their print packages start at $599 for the “Thoreau” and include 5 softcover books, ISBN, 40 corrections, inclusion on their online bookstore –, and a 1/2 hour marketing consultation. The top package – the “Twain” is $5,199.

That includes 20 hardcover books, manuscript evaluation, basic copyediting (up to 35,000 words) and 1 hour audio book.

The royalty structure for Infinity ranges from 15% to 30%. You can buy copies at 50% off retail on your first order.




  • Nice system in place for handling returns
  • Their reach in the book distribution
  • Audiobook Service
  • Too many ala carte options, that can be a bit confusing
  • You have to pay to reach a few of their book distribution partners
  • Limited manuscript help



Inexpensive packages with lots of add-ons available.


We didn’t feel as confident with Infinity as we did with AuthorHouse as AuthorHouse offered much more handholding and consultation.

However, if you only need limited copyediting and you can market you book yourself – check out the “Thoreau” package.
Infinity offers a lot of al la carte services like editing, marketing, publicity, advance reading copies, translations, etc.

The success stories and “Remarkables” page on their site is quite dated and only has one success story that is newer than 2010.

That’s not great marketing on their part and either they don’t pay attention to that page or there aren’t many successes since 2010. Either way it’s disconcerting.


Infinity Publishing at a glance


Company Overview

Editor’s note: Part of this information was taken directly from the company’s page 

Founded in 1997, Infinity Publishing’s industry leading, author-originated book publishing model puts authors in control of the publishing process to carry out their vision for their print, eBook or audiobook.

Infinity’s authors retain all rights to their books, earn royalties paid monthly, and benefit from an extensive distribution network that is backed-up by Infinity’s liberal return policy for bookstores.

The company’s unique print on demand book publishing system was designed to support all authors with a story to tell, who have ever thought about writing a book, or who have been on an endless journey to find an agent or publisher.

Infinity now has more than 4,800 active authors who have collectively published more than 6,000 titles with the company.



Contract: Yes
Author Rights: Stays with Author
Book Pricing: You set, but they have recommendations
Retail Pricing: You set, also they will offer recommendations
Delivery Platform: Print, ebook and audio
Distribution Assistance: Yes
Ease of Use: They tout a step-by-step process to get you published