iUniverse review | a concierge style boutique service


iUniverse is a concierge style boutique service that will take you step by step through the process of writing, editing, and publishing your book.


Pricing plans are in packages that start at $999 for everything from ISBN assignment to getting you book on Amazon with the “Look Inside” feature.

There are many plans available and the top offering is $7,499.

Reviews from published authors who have used iUniverse are very complementary with many saying the experience was a good one.

Even the editing process (a difficult one for many) gets high marks from satisfied users.






  • As little, or as much support as you want
  • Speed to market
  • Editorial help
  • Comparing to other self-publishing; initially appears much more expensive to get started
  • Not automated



Concierge style book publishing at a cost.


iUniverse is for those who want (and need) someone to talk to and hand hold them through the process.

The more money you spend with iUniverse the more of that you get – along with more exposure in the market place.

Not a guarantee of success, but a good start.


Company Overview

Editor’s note: Parts of this information was taken directly from the company’s page 


iUniverse is a self publishing company that makes it possible for writers to achieve the dream of becoming a published author.

With leadership that brings expertise in publishing, sales and marketing and technology.




iUniverse offers a unique mix of self-publishing products and services and the skills of a professional team dedicated to enabling authors to see their books in print.

By offering a variety of affordable publishing, editorial and marketing services, iUniverse helps authors get their manuscripts off their desks and into the marketplace faster than traditional publishing companies.


Contract: Yes, but non-exclusive
Author Rights: Remain with Author
Book Pricing: You set
Retail Pricing: You set
Delivery Platform: epub, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Google Books
Distribution Assistance: Yes. Support provided based on plan selected
Ease of Use: Easy as they will tell you what they need to help you publish your book