KineMaster Pro Video Editor is simple, fast, and easy way to edit and share your video highlights



KineMaster is a video editor for Android smartphones.

KineMaster provides a range of video editing functions including theme selection, scene changes, handwriting, stickers, background music and photo addition, which are used to create fun and exciting video content.

This premium video editor helps smartphone users to experience the performance of video editors that are usually only available for PCs.

KineMaster provides nearly a full suite of video editing options: a timeline to manage videos, images and audio clips you’ve selected or recorded as well as transition options, titles and filters to apply to your work.

It is a robust, professional, intuitive and easy to use video editing app for Androids.

Create and share awesome videos with KineMaster in the palm of your hand. 


KineMaster Pro Video Editor at a glance

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Who is product for?

For Android and Google Play


Key Features

  • Multiple layers for video, images, stickers, text, handwriting in video clips
  • Frame-by-frame trimming, splicing and slicing
  • Instant preview anytime
  • Hue, brightness and saturation controls
  • Speed control for video clips
  • Fade in/fade out sound (overall)
  • Volume envelope (Precise volume control from moment to moment within a clip)
  • Transition effects (3D transitions, wipes, fades, and more)
  • A variety of themes, animations and visual and audio effects
  • Share on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Dropbox and more


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Kinemaster is Free