Mad Mimi review | Simple design and interface with lots of training



Mad Mimi has a lot of cool features and their approach to simplicity is just refreshing!  


Simple design, simple interface and lots of on the job training.

So let’s start first with the support and training.

Many platforms spend extensive resources and hours creating webinars, videos and downloadable pdf’s to teach us how to use their platform.




  • FREE plan to get you started storing 2500 contact and sending 12,500 emails per month
  • Allows you to customize a plan just for you
  • For a simple, easy to get started email tool, we didn’t really find any



Mad Mimi is the easiest way to create, send, share and track email newsletters online.


But not many take the time to say… this is how you use our platform and this is how it affects or helps your business and why. Absolutely love that about MM.

I am all about the training and explaining the value…to the customer for the long term value.


Just create and send at Mad Mimi!


The MM platform doesn’t offer a lot of bells and whistles on its dashboard, but sometimes, especially when you are new to email marketing, it is easier not to have too many options and things to learn before you can create a campaign.




We also found around 25 different add-ons that you can turn on or off in support of your campaigns.  

Some have fees associated with them, others are free.

They also have the option with their reporting to add your own Google Analytics, which can provide you some additional tracking results.


If you get stuck trying to create your newsletter, just hop into their gallery for some inspiration.  MM provides lots of simple examples to keep you moving through the creation process.

If you are looking for a simple,  fun and non-intimidating interface, take a look at Mad Mimi and let us know your thoughts.

Top Features:  Free Trial, No Contract, Can- Spam Compliance




Company Overview

Editor’s note: This information was taken directly from the company’s page

Mad Mimi is a simple email service that lets you create, send and track emails. heir pitch is for the beginner, they emphasize simplicity claiming you can create email newsletters, marketing campaigns and autoresponders that can reach email boxes anywhere, with the added notion that they make it fun.

Features include create and send.  The company really goes for more personalized layouts rather than what they feel cookie-cutter templates; again concentrating on being unique is their mission.



*Monthly Pricing Plans: Starting at $10/mo for 500 contacts $1049/mo for 350,000 contacts
Campaign Automation: No
Surveys, Contests, Polls: Yes, Integrates with SurveyMonkey
Social Media Integration: Yes
Custom Templates: Yes
Contract Required: No
Reporting: Just the basics
Ease of Use: Platform easy to use


List Management: whether you have one list or twenty .. Mad Mimi claims it’s simple to manage with automated system that includes your lists on one page.

They also remove duplicate addresses, bounced emails or unsubscribes so you don’t have to. Real-time tracking and reports, will tell you who opened your emails, who clicked which links, and who forwarded your emails to friends or other businesses.

Delivery:  they claim a healthy relationship with many ISP providers backed with up-to-date tools to ensure promotions reach subscribers such as Sender ID, DKIM, and multiple IPs.

Security:   Mad Mimi uses SSL to keep information safe and secure during transactions.