ManageFlitter review | ManageFlitter has a nice scheduling feature that optimizes your post times


ManageFlitter is a Twitter management portal that allows you to

  • Clean up and manage who you follow.
  • Find out who isn’t following you back.
  • Find out which inactive accounts you follow.
  • Easily search inside your Twitter stream.
  • Link Google+ to your Twitter account.

ManageFlitter has a nice scheduling feature that optimizes your post times called PowerPost.

One of the coolest features is the ability to effectively search Twitter bios so you can follow just the right people.





  • Unfollow feature; one of the favorites
  • Great onboarding tour
  • Filtering system could be a little more intuitive



ManageFlitter provides a set of tools that allows Twitter users to effectively gain insight into their Twitter account.


Analytics are available on the Pro and Business accounts and offers some great insight into your Tweets as well as your engagement with followers.

ManageFlitter has great tools for cleaning up your Twitter account too.

You can bulk unfollow people who aren’t following you back, don’t have an image, don’t speak English and more. Great tool this!

Support is via Support Forum and online form.




Company Overview

Editor’s note: Parts of this were taken directly from the company’s website

ManageFlitter is a critically acclaimed tool that helps businesses to monitor and maintain their Twitter accounts.

ManageFlitter’s features include showing; professionally building your followers, optimizing when you tweet, engaging with your audience as well as providing numerous statistics on these features.




Full details on the features ManageFlitter offers can be found on our Features Page.

It is a convenient and efficient tool to allow users to complete mundane tasks with ease.

ManageFlitter allows users to maintain and view everything they need from their Twitter stream in one application.


Pricing: Free plan (limited features) Pro $12/mo Business $49/mo
Monitor & Listen: Professionally build your followers, optimizing when you tweet, and engaging with your audience.
Profiles Managed: Twitter
Reporting: All the information you need to understand how to make your Twitter account sing!
Ease of Use: Super easy