MegaMeeting review – MegaMeeting is a completely web-based conferencing platform designed for business



MegaMeeting is a completely web-based conferencing platform designed for business.

Pricing starts at $49/mo for 10 seats and goes up to $179/mo for up to 250 seats.

The Business Bundle adds a number of features including in-meeting polls and computer sharing, custom branding, registration system, reports and more. 

These features come at a price – $995 one time fee.




  • Browser based, nothing to download
  • Video conferencing using VOIP audio
  • Multi-language interface
  • Site and Interface could use an update
  • Add ons make price escalate quickly
  • Details are difficult to decipher





Common add ons make a somewhat affordable option wildly expensive.



While the list of available features is extensive, the total cost of a system will far exceed the cost of other platforms in the space.

The ability to have server side recordings is an additional fee of $299 (one time) and removal of MegaMeeting logo will set you back an additional $300/mo.

The total number of live video streams is 16 – one of the highest available.

MegaMeeting is a good value if you have a small audience and don’t need any bells and whistles.


MegaMeeting at a Glance


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Company Overview

Note: This information was taken directly from the Company’s website

Conduct online trainings, seminars or product demonstrations for your clients, colleagues, prospects and employees without the hassle of having them download any software. MegaMeeting provides the flexibility and convenience of hosting first-class Webinars for everyone to see.

By offering powerful communication tools with ubiquity across all platforms, MegaMeeting makes Internet-based collaboration easy and affordable.

Meet with anyone, anytime, from anywhere!

100% Browser-based – Nothing to download in order to join a meeting. An Internet connection and a web browser is all that’s required. 

Cross Platform and Browser Compatible – MegaMeeting works on all PC/MAC/LINUX machines.

MegaMeeting is also compatible with all of the major internet browsers , including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.



Recording Ability: Extra $299
Best Price Monthly: $49/mo 10 seats
Video/Audio: Yes
Participants: Plans up to 250
Mobile Ready: Yes
Reporting: Included in Business Bundle $995
Ease of Use: Medium



Video Conferencing with True VoIP Audio – MegaMeeting comes with integrated VoIP audio, allowing meeting participants to speak with one another simply by using a standard headset/microphone.

Live High Quality Video Feeds – MegaMeeting provides the highest quality and most flexible video streams of any browser-based system.

Multi Language Interface – MegaMeeting offers a Multi Language Interface, allowing guests to choose the language they are most comfortable with.