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MyEbook is designed to completely change the way that new books are published on the internet.

It’s built on top of a social networking application which has some really nice features.

This means that it’s an easy way to get your book out there and start spreading the word about it.

Ebooks are much easier to publish than print books; however they are still fairly difficult for some people.

It’s possible to use the application to create as many books as you want for free.

MyEbook has a very nice and simple user interface which makes it really simple to publish ebooks on the internet.

It’s suitable for virtually any type of book, whether it’s magazines, photo albums, brochures, comics, leaflets, manuals or children’s books.

It’s possible to use the tools to embed multimedia content including audio and videos which will make your book that little bit more special.


My eBook at a glance 

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Who is Product for?

Anyone who wants to publish ebooks online.


Key Features

  • MyEbook builder: construct and edit your book.
  • Publish: get your ebook out there and selling.
  • Profits: you get 100% of the profits for a limited time.
  • Communities: see who has purchased your book and more.
  • Viewer: specially designed e-book viewer lets you see how your text will appear.
  • Contacts: get in touch with other writers.
  • Book shelf: view some of the books currently being sold on the site.
  • Tour: find out what the site has to offer.
  • Library: check out all the books available from
  • My account: control your settings and information.


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