Nimbb makes video recording easy



With its simple 3 buttons interface, recording a video with the webcam has never been so intuitive.

Using the Nimbb API, developers can integrate the technology without any prior video experience.

Pasting a few HTML lines of code is enough to get started and create user generated videos from any website.

Nimbb is a subscription based service and they have customers like McGraw-Hill, BBC, Cirque du Soleil and the French Government.


Nimbb at a glance 

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Who is Product for?

By using Nimbb, web designers, developers can integrate video recording into any web project within minutes.

Simply embed some HTML code into a web page to integrate their technology on your site.


Key Features

  • Unlimited number of playbacks
  • Manage videos on
  • Watch & record videos by streaming
  • Translated in 12 languages
  • Insert videos into PowerPoint
  • Record videos on your site
  • Record videos in your
  • Adobe Flash Professional
  • Record videos in your
  • Adobe Flash Builder
  • Record videos in your Adobe
  • JavaScript programming
  • Email notification
  • Access to the Web Service
  • Download video files
  • Hide Nimbb logo on player
  • Recording formats higher than 320×240



  • Easiest way to create video content
  • Quickly embed webcam recording into a website using Nimbb
  • Let visitors record videos within the browser
  • Instantly move recorded videos
  • No programming knowledge required to get started


Starting at:

Nimbb offers a basic plan for free where you can record a video for 30 seconds and enjoy all the basic features offered. Nimbb has 6 types of subscriptions to meet your needs.

Bronze – $59/Mo
Silver- $199/Mo
Gold- $299/Mo
Platinum- $599/Mo
Corporate- $999/Mo
Unlimited- $1499/Mo


Pricing model

Freemium and Subscription


Free trial

No free trial offered