OurStory review | Create timelines, with text, photos, and other media to capture your memories and share them


With OurStory you can create timelines, with text, photos, and other media to capture your memories and share them.


You can gather timelines and print into a book for a unique keepsake.

The site lets you create your life story, with specific entries placed on a “timeline” that indicates when something happened.

The timeline gives the story a flow and a pace that lets you write entries about different parts of your life – you don’t have to begin at the beginning, you can start writing about that incident in the eighth grade spelling bee when you misspelled the word “rhythm”.




  • Fun way to create and document important family & friends moments
  • Outdated interface
  • Lots of site digging to find the benefits/features of the site





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Adding multimedia elements (photos and videos) adds the photo and video sharing portion, but it also adds a visual context to your words. 


OurStory- The Internet Time Machine


When creating your story, you can choose whether they are part of the public site, or whether only family and friends can see the entries.

OurStory is best suited for families wanting a timeline of events that they can share with others.

The site is quite dated and with Facebook providing all but a few of the options offered, it’s a hard sell at $36/annual.

Pricing has changed recently and currently only one option is available on the site $36.


Ourstory at a glance

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Doesn’t say for how long but $36. After some investigating, we found another price of $39.95 per year.

Here’s a good video talking about the site, but a bit of digging to find it: http://www.ourstory.com/doc/video.html

OurStory is great for storing family memories with some unique features, but the user experience is so outdated it’s tough to get to the real value.

With Facebook offering nearly all the features that you can find in OurStory – for free with a better interface – take a pass on OurStory.



1 Time or Monthly: Digital Family plan ($36.00) Annually
Template Selection: Site is templated, so you will populate the offered fields
Contract No, cancel anytime
Ease of Use: Site is easy, but could use better layout to understand user onboarding   


Company Overview

Editor’s Note: Parts of this was taken from Company website


OurStory is here to help you build your time machine to the past by depositing your memories in time and recording the present.

In one easy-to-use, organized place, and in a rich environment that celebrates all of the stories – big and small – with the words, photos and voices that help tell about your journey, at the same time honoring your choices regarding privacy.

OurStory delivers-finally-a way to hold on to life’s incredible moments, and to keep them in a place where others can share in your journey, as part of your Digital FamilyTM.