Outskirts Press review | one stop shop for anyone wanting to get into self publishing


Outskirts Press is a one stop shop for anyone wanting to get into self publishing.

Services range from ghost writing to publishing and marketing. We’ll review the publishing aspect in this article.

While Outskirts Press offers “full service self publishing” packages, it’s not an automated process as it is with 48 Hour Books or Kindle Book Publishing.

Rather, Outskirts Press is a self publishing company that holds your hand through the entire process and does the work for you.




  • One stop shop for things like ghost writing, copy editing, cover design & more
  • Publishing packages
  • Great services, but can get a bit pricy




Outskirts Press allows you to publish your book and sell high-quality paperbacks, full-color books, hardbacks, and e-books.


Services offered include ghost writing, copy editing, cover design, marketing consultation, etc. etc.

All of the services provided by Outskirts Press are available al la carte (and a bit pricy), but you can also take advantage of their publishing packages.






Packages range from the Emerald book printing package at $199 to the One Click Publishing for Speakers and Coaches at $4479.

This package includes a list of services and support that’s quite impressive. You submit your manuscript and Outskirts Press handles everything.


Outskirts Press is self publishing simplified

You retain 100% of the rights to your book. You determine all pricing from Retail, Trade Discount, Author Discount, Royalties and Profit. You can get started for as little as $35.

This refundable fee gets the ball rolling and you get assigned to your Publishing Consultant, Author Representative, Book Designers, Title Production Supervisor & Production Manager.

There a three free publishing guides on the site and you should take advantage of the info.

Great advice for anyone looking to publish their on book.

Support is all personal and, judging by the rave reviews on their site, Outskirts Press has many satisfied customers.




Company Overview

Editor’s note: Parts of this information was taken directly from the company’s page 

Publish your book and sell high-quality paperbacks, full-color books, hardbacks, and e-books.

*  Keep 100% of your rights
*  Keep 100% of your profits
*  Set your own retail price
*  Set your own royalty
*  Set your own discount

Only Outskirts Press offers so much flexibility and control.

Start publishing for free today.

Visit their blog at http://blog.outskirtspress.com/


Contract: No
Author Rights: Author retains
Book Pricing: 5 x 8 B&W Paperback @ 100 pages = as low as $4.56 per copy
Retail Pricing: You set
Delivery Platform: Many options available
Distribution Assistance: Yes
Ease of Use: With personalized service, it doesn’t get any easier