Sidekick is a free service that gives you email superpowers with contact insights, email tracking, and email scheduling



Sidekick by HubSpot is an email tracking app that sends real-time notifications every time someone clicks on or opens your emails.

The app shows you when they viewed the email, how many times they viewed it, where they were when they opened it and from what device.

Sidekick also includes recipient profiles directly within your inbox.

These profiles show your contact’s professional history, their address, mutual contacts, and email history.

With the ability to schedule future emails, Sidekick helps to ensure you don’t forget to send emails or that your emails go out at a specific date and time.

Sidekick integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, Chrome and Safari.


Sidekick at a glance

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Who is Product for?

Sidekick has a version for Mid Size Business and Small Business.


Key Features

  • In-email profiles
  • Email tracking
  • Email scheduling
  • Open/ click tracking
  • Real-time notifications
  • 3rd party integrations 



  • Email profiles: See contact profiles directly inside your inbox showing their professional history, address, mutual contacts, email history and more.
  • Email tracking: Get real-time notifications whenever anyone opens or clicks on one of your emails. See when. how many times, where and from what device.
  • Email scheduling: Schedule emails to be sent in the future and set up reminders to send emails.


Starting at

$10 p/user p/month
Free: Unlimited email profiles, 200 email open/ click notifications, & email scheduling.
Power User – $10 p/user p/month: Unlimited email profiles, unlimited email open/ click notifications, & email scheduling.


Pricing model

Freemium, Subscription


Free trial

No free trial offered