SimplyCast review | 15+ marketing applications


SimplyCast brings 15+ marketing applications under one roof and ties them all together seamlessly.


To say SimplyCast is powerful is an understatement. To say there is a bit of a learning curve, well that too is an understatement.

SimplyCast has just about everything you need for marketing: from email list building and autoresponders to SMS messaging and press release marketing.

It is an amazing collection of technology from a company that has been working on the platform (now version 8) since 1999.




  • Comprehensive marketing solution.
  • Super affordable
  • Interface is slow



An “All under one roof” marketing tool that can integrate everything together for massively connected campaigns.



With power comes a learning curve. I was easily able to set up an SMS campaign in a matter of minutes. Email campaigns too.

However the REAL power is in the “360” style project. 360 allows you to do everything, all at once, and trigger events, texts, emails, faxes,  Facebook, Twitter, voice mails etc.

There is a drag and drop project builder but to get anywhere you will need to watch the tutorials.


SimplyCast is a multi-channel marketing tool

Campaign Creation: This is pretty straightforward until you get to the integrated “360” style campaign.

Campaign Reporting: Reporting is very complete and leaves nothing unreported. You will know exactly when and if anything happened.

Customer Support and Training: There are a number of training videos but some were not available.

The support chat was not working as of this writing. I’d also would have liked to see a better way to ‘search’ for specific topics.


I found it tough to get to a place to allow this. When we are considering purchasing a product; the ease of accessing any type of questions we may have as users is paramount.

If I have to dig for a while to get the answers, chances are actually using the platform may be as tough.


Top Features:  Integrated marketing, CRM, Free Trial, Voice broadcasting, No Contract, Can- Spam Compliance.




Company Overview

Editor’s note: Parts of this information was taken directly from the company’s page

SimplyCast is a marketing company that offers multiple services in a single platform.

It has created an email software that enables companies to get started in three minutes or less.

The software has a little over 10 tools to gather an online strategy, there is no minimum order and seems you can cancel at anytime.

You can create their campaigns very easily using the drag and drop function and they have over 1,000 free templates at their disposal.

Now if you purchase a premium service you then have access to SimplyCast staff, who can help with copywriting, delivery or generating reports.





The company has also integrated with many leading CRM and online solutions which include: Salesforce, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

This site is exceptionally good for the first timer because of easy to use online form builder and email managing stats.

You can also upload pre-existing lists to their list manager which automatically removes unsubscribes and duplicate content.

Eliminate the problem of managing several mailing lists across different email clients.

They highly recommend getting a premium service so you can use the SimplyCast staff. Pricing on this site is very competitive as well.


*Monthly Pricing Plans:  $13/mo for 2000 contacts with basic plan. $99/mo and up for SimplyCast 360
Campaign Automation: No
Surveys, Contests, Polls: Yes
Social Media Integration: Yes
Custom Templates: Yes, lots to choose from
Contract Required: No
Reporting: Yes, lots 
Ease of Use: Just like any email marketing platform out there; it’s worth the time to watch the training video’s and read through the setup before starting. Then it’s pretty simple to get your campaign up and running





  • Ray N

    There service is slooooow, glad you guys caught that.

  • Sharon Sabadoe

    I’ve been using SimplyCast for a couple months now at my job and found it to be easy to use and set up. Our customers love the contact and we have improved our business because of it.