Skitch is a free app that helps you communicate visually with friends, co-workers, and the world

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Skitch is an application from Evernote that tries to make this sort of information as easy to relay virtually as it is in real life, by making it easy to capture screenshots and annotate them (or any other image).

Skitch gives you all the tools you need to visually communicate ideas, share feedback and collaborate with friends and co-workers.

Use an existing image or capture a new one, then add shapes, write on it, draw on it, annotate it any way you like, and save it to your Evernote account so that it is available everywhere Evernote is.


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Who is Product for?

People everywhere use Skitch to help them visually share their thoughts with others. Here are a few ways you can use it, too:

    Mark up photos of silly, cool, or inspiring things you see and share them via social, email, SMS, and more.
    Annotate photos of your backyard to plan out your vegetable garden.
    Share a diagram of the earth’s layers and have students label it with you.
    Capture a map, mark it up, and share it with your friends to show them where you’ll be.
    Open a PDF and highlight changes to skip the lengthy, confusing email chains and give clear feedback. Or annotate a screenshot to communicate a change.


Key Features

  • Skitch for Mac is a convenient utility for capturing , editing, and exporting screenshots for all kinds of presentations and other uses.
  • Create an excellent finished product without a bunch of extra features getting in the way.



  • Draw attention- Quickly focus on what’s important using annotation and markup.
  • Say it with fewer words- Make your point with shapes, arrows and quick sketches.
  • Move projects forward- Use Skitch on your desktop, tablet and phone to give feedback and share ideas.


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