Socialbakers review | analytics, builder and executive dashboard


Socialbakers offers three product lines; analytics, builder and executive dashboard.


Socialbakers Analytics provides stats and tools for social media analytics and management.

The sweet spot for Socialbakers is their analysis as to how your company is performing in the competitive landscape.

By listening to conversations going on across multiple platforms, Socialbakers can give you a better view of how your campaigns perform in nature.




  • In Depth analytics and tracking
  • Real time data
  • Create better campaign strategies
  • Analyze growth 
  • Engagement as it happens
  • Pricey



Socialbakers offers you a great way to measure & maximize the effectiveness of your social marketing campaigns across all the major platforms.

The Builder component of the site gives multiple users the ability to manage and publish across multiple social media accounts and includes task assignments, shared calendars and in-app chat.

The Executive Dashboard is a robust aggregation of all that is going on in your social media ecosphere.

Perfect for top brass to see if social media efforts are being effective.





Socialbakers is an enterprise level tool. As such, the pricing is higher than other tools in this space.

Starting at $120/mo for analytics, this is for serious social media teams with a need for competitive analytics and great for those that need the in-depth view of their social media efforts.

I’d say mid to large enterprise companies would benefit best from the robust tracking and reporting.


Company Overview

Editor’s note: This information was taken directly from the company’s page 

Socialbakers is a user friendly social media analytics platform which provides a leading global solution that allows brands to measure, compare, and contrast the success of their social media campaigns with competitive intelligence.


Pricing: 14-day free trial. Different plans/features to choose from starting around $120/mo. Enterprise plans also offered.
Monitor & Listen: Yes
Profiles Managed:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • YouTube

*Socialbakers Marketing Suite supports the platforms above plus: Instagram, Linkedin

Reporting: Extensive reporting available
Ease of Use: A bit complex


[qodef_highlight background_color=”yellow” color=”black”]Since 2009 Socialbakers has continuously developed its product allowing companies to measure and maximize the effectiveness of their social marketing campaigns across all major social networks.[/qodef_highlight]


As of November 20, 2012, Socialbakers employs more than 160 highly trained staff members, dedicated to serving more than 1000 clients in more than 75 countries.