Google Tag Manager lets you add or update your website tags and mobile applications, easily and for free


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Tag Manager is built on Google’s infrastructure, which gives you security, speed, and performance.

You’ll also get the tools to manage your own processes so you can make sure everything is working just fine within your own infrastructure.

Google Tag Manager API lets you customize a solution to suit your needs.

The API provides all the power of the web interface, including publishing containers and tags and makes it easy to manage user access in bulk.

And agencies can use the API to easily manage large tagging setups for their clients.


Google Tag Manager at a glance

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Who is Product for?

Google users


Key Features

  • Automated Tag Management
  • Tag Technology
  • Usability
  • Accounts & User Roles
  • Triggers
  • Integration & Templates



Streamline and simplify website and mobile app tagging.

Instead of asking your IT team to manage individual tags across your websites, you can edit and manage tags on any page via a unified user-friendly tool.

Google Tag Manager allows you to focus on marketing, not coding.


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