Teamwork is an online project management software


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Teamwork is an online project management software that allows project managers to organize their work with their clients, as well as with other staff, more productively and efficiently.

The software has its focus on team communication and time tracking, an essential part of every successful project, giving the advantage to group work instead of individual effort.


Who is Product for?

Teamwork is for project managers to organize their work with their clients, as well as with other staff 


Key Features

  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Messages
  • File Management
  • Time Tracking 


Teamwork at a glance 

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  • The Dashboard gives a quick overview of all currently active projects, keeping managers up to date with all recent activity.
  • Teamwork has a focus on a team, allowing managers to assign multiple tasks to several people at once.
  • A built-in calendar makes milestone tracking easy. Due date can be assigned to every project in progress so that everybody can see exactly what they have to do and how much time they have left, allowing projects to be completed on time.
  • Since communication is essential for every project, sending and receiving messages, email replies, project documentation and other files is possible in one central accessible place.
  • A custom-built multiple file uploader is available allowing project workers to easily select multiple files and upload them all at once. The Lockdown feature allows managers to keep certain tasks/documents private and secure to some users or even companies, preventing unwanted misuse.
  • With Teamwork, it is possible to quickly see and review how much time a certain staff member has spent working on a project. Teamwork also allows users to post up times for their meetings and events, giving the possibility to invite and notify other project members.


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