ToutApp helps salespeople close more deals and increase productivity with the power of tracking, templates and analytics


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The ToutApp email management tool acts both as an operations and sales enablement platform by enabling you to carry out numerous email marketing promotions and follow up on the success.

Their analytics allow you to assess the most highly performing content as well as click trends from within your CRM segments.

Live data reports give you valuable insights into time trends and whether certain attachment were opened and if the email recipient clicked-through to your website or not.

ToutApp comes with a 14 day trial and ongoing support features – telephone and email. Numerous email and CRM integrations ensure that your customer data is fully synced and an information transparency existed between all platforms. 


Toutapp at a glance 

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Who is Product for?

Small, Midsize Business


Key Features

  • Create sales emails
  • Track emails and presentations
  • Build email campaigns
  • Follow up intelligently
  • Streamline email templates
  • Auto syncs with your CRM
  • Suggest calendar meetings
  • Set reminders for following up
  • Schedule delivery for opportune times
  • Track when emails are opened
  • Track when links are clicked
  • Automatic file attachments
  • Automatic follow-ups
  • Real-Time tracking on performance
  • Live data reports
  • Increase collaboration and communication
  • Highlight the best performing content
  • 14 day trial
  • Online support
  • Multiple integrations



  • Create sales emails and email campaigns – ToutApp lets you create and execute single or mass email campaigns from within the dashboard. The ToutApp integrates with your email client and tracks exactly when an email was opened, the clicks, the attachments and even when a presentation was opened and for how long.
  • Streamline email templates and follow ups – ToutApp lets you create and save multiple email templates for quick insertions to generic responses. These templates can be edited at any time and can also be automatically set up to send if a particular prospect fails to respond to a previous email or campaign.
  • Tracking and highlight the best performing content – With ToutApp you can monitor and assess all email interactions that are sent in a particular campaign. From non opens to website click through, ToutApp will identify the best performing content with your campaigns to help you identify improvements in your pitch.
  • Online support, trial and resources – ToutApp comes with email and telephone support (based on your license package) as well as online training, new rep on boarding, consulting and professional services, product development and a 14 day trial for you to experience without any financial commitment.


Starting at

Professional – $30 / month
Team – $250 / month, 5 seats
Enterprise- contact ToutApp for Pricing


Pricing model



Free trial

Yes, ToutApp offers a 14 day free trial.