Traffic Geyser review | Upload One Video and Traffic Geyser Helps Distribute Across Multiple Sites



Upload One Video and Traffic Geyser Helps Distribute Across Multiple Sites


With over 50 sites that Traffic Geyser distributes, the reach is impressive.

TG pioneered the “video distribution for SEO” value back in the day and they have branched off into other marketing efforts, leaving TG a lonely stepchild in need of a haircut.

For $99/mo ($1 for a 21 day trial) TG does one thing well still.

That is distribute video and audio files to all the major sharing platforms and social media sites.




  • Publishes to a wide range of sites (12 video sites, 4 podcasting sites, 53 sites in all)
  • May conflict with site’s TOS, Premium player only works with FLV




The original video distribution site – in need of a makeover.


TG DOES NOT convert your footage so you need to upload in MP4 (H.264) for best results.

Also, their video player (which you may or may not need) is old technology and works with FLV files only.

There are other bells and whistles that are included like landing page builder, website builder, transcription service (additional fee) and social media publisher that makes it easy to alert your audience to new videos.

The control panel is easy one set up and set up is not hard, but you do need to have your log in information available to the sites you want to submit to.

TG can also do this for you for an additional fee ($97)

The training is excellent and done via pdf and walk through videos. Although set up takes time, you will have no problems if you follow the tutorials.





Company Overview

Editor’s note: This information was taken directly from the company’s page 

Traffic Geyser is a sophisticated online application video distribution service .

They handle a lot of the labor for you by taking just one of your videos and submitting them to all the major video hosting services on the web at the same time.

It automatically fills in all the metadata such as the title, description and keywords for you, so you don’t have to type it in for every single one.

Three key features to Traffic Geyser: Full video creation system, video distribution system and video promotion system…makes this service in their field unique. Ready to get started with Traffic Geyser!



Pricing: $99/mo
Contract: No 
Audience Size: Unlimited
Distribution: Video sites, podcasting sites, blogging sites, social bookmarking sites, status sites and article sites.
Bandwidth: Limit 1GB file size per video. There is a 35000 submission limit per month.
Conversion Features: None 
Branding: Overlay on flv videos via Premium Player 
Ease of Use: Setting up initially is a bit of a chore but the training is superb and they can set it up for you for a fee.




  • Tyrone McHarley

    Good option for SEO Video marketing.