WordPress review | WordPress is the industry leader in blogging platforms



WordPress is the industry leader in blogging platforms.


As a matter of fact, WordPress has the platform of choice for just about anything you want to do online.

That’s because it’s easy, it’s cheap (free), has great SEO, and it’s extensible (meaning you can extend it’s functionality via add-ons).

Let’s dive into it and take a look at why your next site should be on WordPress.




  • WordPress is Search Engine Optimized
  • Extensible
  • Free
  • If there is something you don’t like..there’s always a plugin or trained developer to change it!
  • Little bit of a learning curve





The website platform that will allow you to do just about anything online.




First a word of clarification: WordPress is an open source project and has for-profit and a non-profit components.

WordPress.org is where you can go to download the code and install on your own host (or use a script installer) and WordPress.com is where you can go to get a hosted version of the code.

I recommend that anyone serious about their website install the code on their own hosting account using a script installer (Scriptaculous, Fantastico, One Click Install, etc.).

Like anything of value, WordPress has a little bit of a learning curve – but once you understand how it works, it is very easy to use.


Here is the simple rundown of how things are organized in WordPress (WP). PAGES are like any other ‘page’ on a website.

  • Create a page and it shows up in the menu structure and you are good to go.
  • POSTS are blog post and are usually delivered in succession – newest to oldest, and also live on their own unique individual url. I say usually here because WP is super flexible and anything you want to change, including how the platform works, can be changed.


WP is a database platform, meaning that the content (your articles and blog posts) are stored separately from the design elements.

The benefit of this is that you can change the look and feel (design) of your site without losing the content.

There are thousands of free and low cost “templates” that you can use to change how your site looks and functions.

These can be easily installed right from within the WP control panel.



WordPress at a Glance


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The control panel is laid out nicely and everything you will need is readily available. Add-ons or “Plugins” show up in the panel as well and again, you can even customize this aspect.

A “Plugin” extends the functionality of WP. Thousands of free plugins are available and can be searched and installed right from within WP.

A “Widget”, as they are called, is a moveable piece of something (code, text, ad block, calendar, etc) and adds further to your ability to customize your site and get it looking just as you envision it.

I get support for my WP sites by simply googling my issue or question.

With over 60 million sites using WP (as of date of this review) , I can find solutions, tutorials, and help fairly easily.

Remember, the .com version is a paid platform where they can assist with hosting and managing.

Also on a side note: the .com DOES NOT allow affiliate sites to be built on this platform, so if you are offering affiliate products or sales, you may want to stick with the .org if you want to stay on WordPress.



1 Time or Monthly: .org Free, .com Fee
Template Selection: Unlimited. Both paid and free themes
Contract No
Ease of Use: There is a bit of a learning curve for WordPress, but once you’ve learned the basics, WordPress will do all the heavy lifting.



Company Overview 

Editor’s note: This information was partially taken directly from the company’s page 

WordPress lets you easily create your own blog and write about the things that interest you.

It is a blogging community managed by makers of the open source WordPress software.

Blogs are free with the option of adding upgrades such as personalized domain names, custom CSS, video storage, and more.

In comparison, a self-hosted WordPress.org blog does not have upgrades and must be installed on a web hosting account separately.

Choose from any of the 190+ themes in their Themes Showcase, and make them your own with custom design app.


Publish blogs, videos or photos with mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry.

Ready to Give WordPress A Try?


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